Ali Mercier Rocks!

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“The secret to the success of any organization is its people!”

Churches are a little different. As a spiritual organization, we believe God is a major factor. Nonetheless, the people God sends us to serve the Lord’s Church are…well…a Godsend!

A Super Team!

I often say to Pastor Mike that I doubt he could ever have a church staff more dedicated, more committed, more harmonious, more aligned with his mission and more capable than the one he has now! I believe that with my whole heart and mind.

For today, I want to highlight ONE of the many heroes/heroines that serve God’s Church and you.

Allison (“Ali”) Mercier is the Director of the Hopkinton Christian Preschool, a program of Faith Community Church. She is one of our own. As a child, Ali grew up in the preschool program to one day teach in it and now lead it. Ali’s three children (Mackenzie, Kayla, and Matthew) are all HCP graduates themselves! Ali attended Mass Bay Community College and has extensive preschool teaching experience. She is licensed as a toddler and preschool teacher by the state of Massachusetts, and, in a matter of days, will also be licensed to direct the program by herself (her first few months of directorship has been under the license of our retiring Director of Children’s Ministry, Vickie Hampton).

Ali’s Staff Rocks!

Ali brings to this role leadership and management skills combined with a warm heart for children and a concern for the welfare of parents and families. She will be the first to tell you that what makes our preschool so strong is our excellent staff: Jim Locke, Melissa Gooley, Sherie Anderson, Bekah Ahern, Yucchabelle Cote, Laura Devenney, Elizabeth Kripp, Laurel DeBoer, Dennie Walker, and Marie Birchler.

We benefit so much from the leadership of former directors, Vickie Hampton and now Ali Mercier. The school is a great outreach to our community as well as a blessing to its children and families.

Can you come out to play?

Be sure to drive by the east side of the Hopkinton campus to see the beautiful new playground made possible by contributions and other income generated by the preschool.

God blesses us in so many ways by the people sent to lead us!

And I am blessed to serve YOU!


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