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Ok, so the title is weird, but what it means is we have feedback from our Let’s Do This! Feedback Forum. Here are some comments made and my brief reflections on them.

Comments about the forum in general were all positive: people appreciated the opportunity to get an update on the  Let’s Do This! initiative and to give their thoughts about how to use remaining funds to improve the facility. We haven’t yet compiled all the responses but once we do I’ll publish them here. The results of the forum will go to staff and Elders to review and guide them in decision making.

There were some new questions surfaced that I can address here:

  1. Pastor Mike mentioned the number $7.5 million as a result of the initiative in his opening remarks. I agree that it may not have been clear that Pastor Mike was talking about the January 2018 initial projections based on formulas used to determine the final outcome. We think that number is high and the actual results of the initiative will be in the arena of $6.2 – $6.5 million. Of course, we won’t know for sure until the initiative is completed in December 2019. This amount, however, enables the church to fully fund the Global Mission goal, fully fund the Multisite goal, fully fund daily operations for two years, and still have a remainder of about $500,000 to apply to the facilities. The purpose of the forum was to brainstorm about how to best apply those projected remaining funds.
  2. Are all major repairs being funded by the Let’s Do This initiative? No. The playground is funded by monies from the pre-school operations; roof repairs and other large repairs are funded by monies held in reserve for these purposes. There are some critical items that are being done now with initiative funds: some new electronics in the Worship Center to replace failing equipment and new security proposals in the FaithKids area. However, the bulk of these funds will be applied later.
  3. Is our financial reporting accurate? Yes. The philosophy of our financial practices is to provide up-to-date accurate financial information so that we are aware of the gifts of God’s people for the mission of the Lord through Faith Community Church and apply them as directed by the Elders and our budget. Our financial policies and procedures are annually reviewed for best practices and our accounting is according to GAAP and other nonprofit standards.

A final reflection: some consider the “business” of the church to be less important, even apart from, the sacred things of church work. I consider them both equally spiritual! God became human flesh and walked among us doing things of the Kingdom. In the incarnation, God infuses the material world with Life. We are not “Diests” who said the material world was bad and the spiritual world good. Rather, it is all redeemed in Jesus. And so, the church’s buildings and grounds, budgets and operations are part of the spiritual work of Jesus through FCC. And your physical things, and your body, and budget and such things are also part of your spiritual life.

It is all a stewardship of ours from God!

To God be the glory, Pastor George.

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