Let’s Do This! Open Forum on November 18

Executive Pastors are a hybrid species. The “Executive” part normally derives from business experience: I was the Vice President of Operations for a midsize manufacturing company. The “Pastor” part comes from ministry training and experience: I have two seminary degrees and served as pastor in large and small churches. My blog, then, will be about the management of the church but with an eye to how God is moving in our midst at Faith Community Church: a kind of mixture of the sacred with how the church operates.

In the Fall of 2017, Faith Community Church (FCC) was challenged with three goals as part of the Let’s Do This! initiative. The fundraising effort’s goals were:

1) Make a difference in Global Mission ($250,000);

2) Establish new church campuses to expand the Gospel ministry ($500,000);

3) Renovate the current facility to accommodate a new ministry model ($8,000,000).

The church uses a One Fund approach which means that all of the work of the church is supported by giving to a single fund, so this two-year endeavor included two years of normal church operations.

The Let’s Do This! initiative did not achieve its full financial goal. The Elders, sensing the desire of the congregation, decided to fund the first two goals above at 100% with the remainder of received funds to go to building renovations as promoted in the campaign. However, since the initiative was not fully funded, what part of the facility should receive funds for renovations? (Note that since the first two goals above were fully funded, the remaining funds must be spent according to the way the initiative was promoted — goal #3).

On November 18, FCC will host an Open Forum for church members to give feedback about what part of the facility should receive renovations since we are not able to complete the entire project at this time. Here is the schedule for the one-hour meeting in the Worship Center:

12:15 pm — Pastor Mike will speak about the results of the Let’s Do This! initiative and the remaining funds;

12:30 – 1 pm — Church member feedback;

1 – 1:15 pm — A summary of congregational feedback.

The results of this Open Forum will go to the Elders as they pray about how to use the remaining funds wisely to promote the Gospel ministry at FCC. Your prayers are requested as they work on this project.

It is helpful to remember that church buildings themselves are not the Church — the people are (1 Peter 2:5)! The building is a tool for reaching out to our neighborhoods with the love of Jesus and drawing people into community for discipleship and service. The facility renovation has been about this question: How do we modernize the current facility to reach a new generation with the life-changing ministry of Jesus?

Lord bless you,

Pastor George Cladis

  • Vanessa Barker
    November 15, 2018 at 10:13 am

    Looking forward to hearing input from the congregation.

  • Tom
    December 2, 2018 at 6:21 pm

    I would think it would be about what is being said in the sanctuary that would bring people to the life- changing ministry of Jesus and not what the building looks like. Jesus did not have a building to preach from and look at all the lives he changed!

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