Results of the Let’s Do This! Open Forum

Hi Friends,

Welcome to the Executive Pastor Blog at FCCH. And because it’s the Executive Pastor’s blog, it’s not going to be sexy. I’m just sayin’…I’m the nuts and bolts sort of guy on the team, so don’t expect anything controversial or radical. But I live with the illusion (delusion) that a handful of folks (e.g. the”Bookkeepers for Jesus” club in Attawan) want to read the mundane things of which I write…

On Sunday, November 18, 2018, in the Worship Center, we held an Open Forum to get feedback from YOU about how to spend monies earmarked for building renovations from the Let’s Do This! initiative. The full summary from the group discussions is HERE. The following is a summary of the summary (I have a way with words, don’t you think?):

Items mentioned most often:

  • Southern Entrance: a better flow of people from the southern parking lot to the church – the covered walkway proposal is mentioned several times.
  • Safety for people walking from the southern parking lot to the FaithKids center: traffic flow around the building is dangerous.
  • Improve FaithKids ministry center. Current areas are too small and musty.
  • Improve FaithKids security.
  • Improve Student Ministry area – expansion and updates.
  • Create better people flow and signage: confusing facility.
  • Expand entrances and exits for accessibility/mobility issues; install automatic doors.

Click the link above for the full document and thanks to all who participated!!

Next steps: the full feedback document will go to the Elders who will discern how to apply the appropriate funds. Watch for more opportunities in the future to give feedback and know you can always email me your thoughts, suggestions, complaints, criticisms, free tickets to Patriots games and general musings:

Blessings all, George

  • Trudy Remissong
    December 5, 2018 at 4:26 pm

    Free Patriots tickets!?!! Did you put that in to see if we were paying attention? LOL! They would be wasted on me but I appreciate the offer! Any improvements that would open up the building and make it more secure would be good for all.

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