Staff Thursday: Charla Espinosa

Every Thursday (sorta — e.g. today is Monday) I publish a blog about a person on staff at FCC who loves the Lord and serves you. Today, Charla Espinosa, Director of Support Ministry.

A Texan New Englander

When I first met Charla I felt right at home! I spent fifteen years living in Texas (mostly Austin) and grew accustomed to the language and culture. She reminds me much of Baptist Christians I knew there who have a robust commitment and dedication to the work of the Lord. (She also can stir up a mean Southwest soup on staff Soup Wednesday!). Charla reminds me of the strong, capable Texas women I’ve known some of whom came from a hardy group of settlers generations ago. They take charge and make things happen.


Charla not only has that kind of deep running subterranean faith but also brings to Faith Community Church a boatload of skills and business experience. Take a moment to ask her to tell you some of her business life stories and she’ll take you all around the world! Somewhere along the way God got a hold of Charla and persuaded her to use her business acumen and apply it to the Lord’s work and we’ve all been blessed many times over by it. Her work ranges from Human Resources to budgets and spreadsheets; finance and accounting to security and maintenance. She gets teamwork and expertly manages a support staff to help her carry out a work that now spans two campuses.


Charla’s commitment to FCC doesn’t rest at the office door but extends to other parts of the life of this church. She models for others on staff involvement in the life of the church, showing up at various events and leading a faith group. She’s eager and ready to take on more responsibility to advance the church and does so with energy and ability! She’s a key player on our Executive Management Council and never hesitates to offer wisdom and excellent advice where needed.

I’m keen on this FCCH team…and keen on Charla!

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