Staff Thursday: Debbie Saeger

If you are one of the two people who read this blog, then you know that every Thursday (sorta) I publish a blog about a person on staff at FCCH who loves the Lord and serves you. Today, Debbie Saeger, the Director of our GRO ministry.

I know you know Debbie Saeger. She is one of our own.

Home Grown?

Well, that’s not entirely accurate.

Debbie hails from Alabama. She graduated from Auburn. Yep. The southern culture in her goes deep. You can tell daily in the office, too, because while most of us are trying to abide by the “be cool and dress casual” company code, Debbie is always a notch above us in apparel: that southern thing of never going to the grocery store in sweats, etc.

But don’t think I’m insulting her: quite the contrary. Debbie shows up with a kind of seriousness about what she does. It’s not a seriousness about her, but about what she is called to do. And among the goals she works toward, helping YOU grow closer to God and God’s people is preeminent. THAT she takes seriously. And she’s done a wonderful job at this as well.

Home Grown!

And, while we can forgive her lack of a true Bahston accent, the truth is she’s been active at FCCH for a good part of her adult life. You could say she’s been advanced in leadership from serving in very simple ways to now holding a rather high falutin’ position in the church. (Always be mindful that when I talk about a “high position” in a church it means a low position of serving, as Jesus taught us.) Debbie is, in fact, the poster child for Leadership Development at FCCH, rising up (down) to take on more responsibility and a greater role of service in the Lord’s church. She is the model of what we hope to replicate more and more over time.

Knit Brow

Back to seriousness. So, Debbie laughs and jokes around and passes out Saeger Farms honey, but when she’s in her coaching sessions with me, her face betrays what keeps her up at night: how to draw people into the joy of life with Christ and with fellow Christians. She’s not content with plug and play faith group programs. Her mind seriously works at thinking outside the box. She’s constantly ruminating on some new way of helping people go deeper in their faith, turning it over in her mind, handling it this way and that, wondering if it could work. She works diligently with a high sense of responsibility to make sure her leaders are well trained. And both Debbie and her team are in frequent deliberation on how to create faith groups that reach out to the community beyond the walls of the church.

God Squad

One last thing: Debbie’s a teamie. So, lots of CEOs like to talk about their teams, but they really mean subordinates who do what they command. And lots of employees like to say they work well on teams but actually wish they could hide in a cubicle somewhere and just do their thing. Debbie truly is a team player who looks for ways to collaborate with others to accomplish great things. In our new world of flatter organizations and team-everything, it is a valued skill to solicit the gifts of others and merge them to create a synergy for God.

It’s not all about Debbie, but what she and others can do together. I hope you like that as much as I do.

I’m keen on this FCCH team…and keen on Debbie!

Blessings, George Cladis

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