Staff Thursday: Dorian Botsis

Every Thursday (sorta — e.g. today is Monday) I publish a blog about a person on staff at FCC who loves the Lord and serves you. Today, Dorian Botsis, Framingham Campus Pastor

A Greek Presbyterian!

Can there be two? Both Dorian and I are of Greek descent and both of us were originally trained by Presbyterians though now serving an independent community church. Presbyterians tend to enjoy ideas and grand thoughts and take pride in careful articulation of theological issues. Greeks don’t give a rip! Both Dorian and I are somewhere in between: always ready and willing to espouse on lofty ideals, solving the world’s problems over a gyro…and realizing that if ministry is to be done, we have to get out of the clouds, roll up our sleeves and get to work!

Rolling up the Sleeves!

And to work Dorian goes! One day in Pastor Mike’s office, our lead pastor and I realized we had our next campus pastor right in our midst: Dorian Botsis. Well trained and having built up several strong ministries both at Faith Community Church and other churches, we believe he’s the person God has touched for this new work in Framingham. Dorian gets the opportunity to put into practice so much of what he believes makes for excellent pastoral ministry and we (FCC) get to be the beneficiary, along with the larger Church and the many lives transformed through this ministry.

Social Conscience

Each of our pastors and directors brings a different flavor to our ministry just as Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John each saw Jesus from slightly different perspectives. Dorian is South African and experienced some of the trauma the country endured in the late 20th century. He brings to us a prophetic voice to remember the disenfranchised, marginalized and contemporary outcasts. The Reign of God has a different value system than the forces and principalities of our world. Dorian reminds us of that.

Framingham Bound!

We’re excited about opening our next campus in Framingham and thrilled Dorian will pastor it and preach the Word. He’s the right person at the right time for this new work!

I’m keen on this FCCH team…and keen on Dorian!

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