Staff Thursday: Jocelyn Peirce

Today is Thursday, so I just invented STAFF THURSDAY!…meaning, every Thursday I’m going to tell you a little more about the people who serve you and Jesus through Faith Community Church. Now, STAFF THURSDAY might be published on Wednesdays some weeks…then again, it might be published on a Friday…just sayin’…blogging is not the most important thing on my plate right now! Schesssh! 

I first met Jocelyn at Starbucks in Wayland. I immediately liked her. First of all, she commented on the iconic coffeehouse, as Starbuckians like to call it, noting how it was mismanaged. She observed whether or not the server said her name, how the product was presented to her, whether or not the store was clean — yeah, you might want to think twice about inviting her to your house/apartment/condo/tiny-dwelling. She was brutal. I liked that.

And then I asked her hard questions. I even surprised myself how quickly I segued into those. You know, like “Oh, you don’t put sugar in your coffee? Do you believe God has a gender and why?” sort of thing. What I liked was she didn’t just give me the party line: her responses were not those safe generic ones people rattle off or the ones with a wink that indicate their on your “side” of things theologically or ecclesiastically — a kind of interview Easy Fit elasticity. She spoke honestly, weighed her words for accuracy, steered clear of jargon and seemed, well, at the risk of sounding too now-ish: authentic!

Family Ministry and Jocelyn?

Why is that kind of demeanor important for a Director (on her way to Pastor) of Family Ministry? Because children and teens see right through the facades we adults learn to wear with ease. They have this uncanny ability to slice right through to where we really live and move and have our being. They’ve got us pegged! And it takes someone who has open avenues to their genuine self to hang out with them. Jocelyn majors in that.

I’d like to get to know you…

Jocelyn is also highly relational. It used to be you needed to know Greek and Hebrew to be a pastor, needed to quote often from Zwingli or Calvin, and needed a few degrees just to get into the biz — but nowadays we put more value on practical skills. Jocelyn is highly relational. She’s tops on the StrengthFinders woo scale. She builds ministry leaders one at a time and pours into them.

And that, my friends, builds strong ministry over years.

Just you wait and see.

Yeah, but…

Okay, she does have the degrees anyway, and some wonderful experience in ministry leadership at Grace Chapel in Lexington, and she’s actually quite schmart in several subjects. But another thing I like about Jocelyn is she knows how to keep those things in perspective: she doesn’t lead with her resume, her position or her title but with her deep and abiding love in God and an intense desire to live the life of Jesus. In fact, Jocelyn is easy to underestimate because she’s not into self-promotion, something rare in our big-teeth FB world.

I’m keen on this ministry team at FCCH…and I’m keen on Jocelyn!

Blessings! George Cladis

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