Staff Thursday: Josh Morrison

Every Thursday (sorta) I publish a blog about a person on staff at FCCH who loves the Lord and serves you. Today, Josh Morrison, Director of Outreach.

West Coast Invaders

Faith Community Church is a 300-year-old New England congregation in a (what used to be) sleepy Boston suburb whose staff has been invaded by odd-tongued foreigners including a young Californian named Josh Morrison (his equally entrenched CA wife, Katherine, also on our staff, will be featured in a later blog). Having grown up myself a mere twenty or so miles north of Josh’s former stomping grounds, I serve as an interpreter to some of his unintelligible CA idioms (“he rocks,” “it’s a bomb,” “can I bum a quarter?”). Most disturbing, even for me, is that he dons the colors of the evil Raiders’ empire, proudly strutting black and silver skull gear whenever a Patriots game day is near.

But then, we are a gracious community and have learned to forgive.

Josh and Katherine served an amazing church in San Jose and bring to us some new ideas that help us in our ministry.

The Uber Team Guy

Josh advanced in our leadership pipeline from bass player to Director of Outreach — yeah, kinda fast-tracked — and into a role that never existed before as a full-time Director’s position at FCCH. We observed immediately that this guy had a knack for recruiting a host of people to serve on various newly formed Outreach teams. I call him the pied piper of Outreach, playing his tune and generating team after team. His affable personality combines with his laser focus commitment to Christian outreach resulting in growing, learning teams making a difference locally, regionally and globally for the Gospel. He’s a model for us in relational ministry. If Josh doesn’t own Starbuck’s stock, he should, given the number of times he’s grabbing someone for a latte. But maybe I shouldn’t give away his strategy: a seemingly innocent invitation turned into a clever trap: by the way, we have a need on our global team!

From Hopkinton to Madagascar

Josh’s outreach responsibilities stem from blessing the town of Hopkinton in practical ways to forming a team to collaborate with churches in Madagascar for community redevelopment and Gospel ministry, and a lot of outreach work in between. This is the ministry of Jesus: healing, teaching, reaching out to the outcast, ministering to the poor and improving the lives of desperate people.

I’m keen on this FCCH team…and keen on Josh!

Blessings, George Cladis

Executive Pastor


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