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The Brightest Night

No matter what darkness we may experience in our lives, the light brought by Jesus’s birth washes it all away as we find the encouragement we’ve been longing for. The Brightest Night is our opportunity to celebrate love, fellowship, and the promise of a baby who changed everything.


Christmas last year was different as we worked harder than usual to be connected. Detailed planning for the Outdoor services & the Light the Night event paid off though and brought HOPE in the middle of a pandemic. Praise God that this year, we can be together again – INDOORS – to celebrate Christmas!

Whether we have felt lost in this changing world or grateful for the continuous renewal of hope the seasons bring, there is a seat at the table for everyone. The gift of the holiday is the chance to learn, reflect, worship, connect, and press the reset button on our lives. This year we will go through an exploration of the Gospel of Luke, where we find an invitation into a rhythm of life lived with and for the newborn King.

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Christmas Jams Playlist

Stay tuned for a specially curated list of Christmas Jam favorites from the staff at Faith Community Church!

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Celebrate the Season Together With FCC

Christmas reminds us that the humblest beginning set the foundation for the most transformative victory at the cross. Christmas is a time to celebrate and pause the busy hustle and bustle of the season to quiet ourselves to focus on what it’s all about, enjoying the wonder of it all with the family we were born into or the family we’ve found.

Come spend Christmas Eve at Faith Community Church, where all are welcome to love radically, live generously, and watch Jesus do the extraordinary — together.

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