Coronavirus Response 2020


  • Need PRAYER? We are ALWAYS available to hear your prayers. Click here.
  • Looking for jobs or know someone who would benefit? We have a thread going on one of our groups on Facebook here. If you are not in the group – you will have to join. If you don’t have a FB – please email and we’ll help share these resources collected.
  • Self Care Practices from Pastor Dorian Botsis

Worship Services

  • All services & events at all campuses are postponed/canceled until further notice. Instead, we are offering a Live Event at 9am.  Join us on our website or Facebook page & Invite friends and family to join in!
    • We will post Facebook LIVE on our Hopkinton page & you can find that HERE
    • If you are hearing impaired or know someone who is & would benefit from Closed Captioning during our WATCH LIVE service at 9am, please watch the service through our YouTube Channel. The service will be uploaded to our channel that Sunday afternoon after it has gone live. 
    • If you miss the Live event at 9 am, you can still access it through the FB page history or you can go to our WATCH LIVE ARCHIVE here on our website.
  • Pastor Mike is meeting with Elders to discuss services / events in as the weeks roll along. You will be informed as decisions are made.


Hopkinton Facility Use

  • After careful consideration, the church facility is closed as of noon Wednesday, March 18.
  • The Worship ministry will be in the building Sunday morning to conduct the online service.


Faith Groups

  • Faith Groups help to keep You relationally connected. It’s important we stay connected with one another during times like this.
  • By joining a Faith Group, you’ll meet other people who have a desire to connect, engage in the bible and apply what they learn.

Here are ways that some of our groups are connecting during COVID-19

    • Having virtual group meetings
    • Group texts to keep in touch
    • Calling one another on the phone
    • Emailing prayer requests
    • Helping to shop for a member who can’t
    • Keeping up with one another through a closed Group Facebook account to encourage one another
  • If you would like to learn more about Faith Groups, CLICK HERE or contact Debbie Saeger at




  • The office is closed as well, and our staff will be working from home with phone / Zoom meetings until further notice.
  • We have access to Zoom login if that would be helpful for you – as well as other free online meeting platforms. Please email if you are interested in this resource to connect with your groups.



Care Needs

  • We are sensitive to people who struggle during difficult times:
    • Celebrate Recovery will no longer meet face to face in the building – For NOW.
    • If you have a sponsor / accountability partner, we urge you to connect with them this week.
    • If you don’t have these yet, please email
    • You are important to our CR Leadership Team.
  • Pastor Bob is organizing an effort to reach out to people considered vulnerable at this time to see how we might and to offer prayer. Feel free to contact him directly.




  • The staff is available for counsel and advice at any time, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Pastor Mike will be emailing plans to the church as things change.
  • Please be patient and flexible, this is an evolving situation and we are prayerfully seeking the best decisions. Pray for us!