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Financial Peace University


What is FPU?

Peace Through Financial Security

In today’s changing economy, money is a sensitive subject.  The cost of essentials like groceries, gasoline, and education may be making you anxious.  It may even be taking a toll on your well-being or an important relationship. At Faith Community Church, we believe that getting a handle on your finances can bring peace – both to you personally and in those important relationships.

In service of that belief, we frequently host Financial Peace University (FPU), a 10-week course designed to help you organize your spending, create a plan to pay off debt, and save for the future. It’s that course that many of us wish that our high school or college had offered!


Who is It For?

Financial Peace University is for people who are:

  • Recent Graduates
  • Trying to Pay Off Debt of Any Kind
  • Looking to Save for a Large Investment (House, Car, Etc.)
  • Newly Married
  • Empty Nesters Needing to Rebalance Their Budget
  • Anyone Searching for More Peace Regarding Their Finances

The Details

FPU is a 10-week program that meets at Faith Community Church in Hopkinton Massachusetts.  

Enrolled students will learn about:

  • Saving for emergencies
  • Spending wisely
  • Paying off debt quickly
  • Saving for the future

Program fees are just under $60 per household budget. If your budget is shared between partners, you may both attend the course under one enrollment.

Scholarships are available based on need; please contact if you are interested in applying for a scholarship.

FCC’s recent FPU graduates saved a collective $10,000, paid off 15 credit cards, and paid over $51,000 in non-mortgage debt!

Register Now!

Upcoming Dates: September 1 - November 3, 2022 | Our next offering is coming up quickly! If you are unable to join for the next scheduled course, simply register and choose the waitlist option to be contacted for our next scheduled date.

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