From FAITHKIDS to Student Ministry; Here are a some resources to keep your kids engaged during Synergy 2020.

Prayer Chain & Calendar

Family Ministry is taking the daily readings to another level! Upper Elementary students and teens can use our prayer calendar after reading to engage in the practice of prayer. For younger children, our printable prayer chain is a great tool.  Each day, remove one link as you pray the “bite sized” prayer listed!  It’s never too early to instill the habit a prayer in the next generation.

FAITHKIDS Weekly Devotionals

Why should grownups have all the fun?  Family Ministry staff & volunteers will walk you through Galatians with a fun worship song and an energetic teaching time each week. Catch these times after Church online or find them here.  There will be one for each of the 6 weeks of synergy and we will touch on all 6 chapters in Galatians – just like your grownups!  

Fruit of the Spirit video

Each week we use this fun worship video in our weekly emails and FAITHKIDS Devotional time to teach children about the Fruit of the spirit. Be forewarned that once you hear it you won’t be able to get it out of your head – which is exactly the point!

Student Faith Groups and Serving

Students in grades 6-12 will be studying the book of Galatians in Faith Groups.  There are groups meeting both virtually and in person.  Additionally, Students will participate in all aspects of our Neighbors helping Neighbors outreach.  Students are invited to participate in any of these opportunities – just let us know you are interested!