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Faith Community Church is a nondenominational church located in the MetroWest area of Massachusetts. We currently gather in two locations, Framingham and Hopkinton, working together to support our community. Both campuses host Sunday services with live music, a relatable message, and a diverse crowd. Come how you are and experience what we are all about!

Our Mission

Loving Radically, Living Generously, and watching jesus do the extraordinary

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What We Believe

The Bible

We believe that the Bible, all sixty-six books, is inspired by God. It directs our beliefs and practices.


We believe that anyone can receive mercy for their wrongdoings by placing their trust in Jesus Christ and surrendering their lives to Him. It’s not a matter of works; it’s all about faith.


We believe that a perfect God exists – always has and always will. He is the Creator of all that we see.

Holy Spirit

We believe that the Holy Spirit is the third and final representation of God. He empowers us for life and service.


We believe that humanity was created by God in His image. We are rational beings accountable for all our choices, born alienated from God, and unable to reconcile that alienation. Subsequently, we make choices to disobey God consistent with our alienation from God. These choices require justice.

The Church

We believe that the church is both local and global. It is global in that all Christians of all cultures are joined together in one large church family. It is local in that there are collections of believers who gather together regularly to worship God in their communities and continue the work of Jesus Christ through the aid of the Holy Spirit.


Baptism is an outward display of an inward commitment. At Faith, baptism is a public service where we immerse people into water to metaphorically display the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. It is a personal declaration, “I choose to follow Christ in the way He loved God and served people.”  It’s also an expression of hope, “My old ways are gone! I live a new life because of what Christ has done for me!” It is a joyous time where people answer affirmatively to Jesus as Lord & Savior of their life and express belief in his resurrection. At Faith Community Church we encourage every person who is a believer to be baptized. It’s an incredible celebration of hope.


We believe that Jesus Christ is the perfect representation of God: completely human and wholly God. He committed no wrong during His lifetime.

Jesus Christ fulfilled justice for our wrongdoing through His execution on the cross where He willingly received judgment that was rightfully ours. To prove His innocence, God raised Christ from the dead three days after His execution (on what we celebrate as Easter). Christ now lives with God where He assists His church. He has promised to return someday.


We believe that when we die, we are united with Christ and will live forever.

Our History

Faith Community Church is older than the United States and thriving full of life.  Founded in 1724, we have been a presence in the MetroWest for almost 300 years!  Throughout our history, we have cared for our community, expanded God’s work throughout our state, and spread Christ’s message around the world.