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Our Mission


Loving Radically, Living Generously, and watching Jesus do the extraordinary

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Loving Radically

We thrive to love radically because Jesus radically loves us. He cared for people’s needs, crossed racial barriers, and walked straight to the cross to reconcile us with God. We believe that we are called to love those around us in that same way, not just in words, but in radical actions. We express these actions from looking to God’s word, then putting together events & programs throughout our church. Faith Community Church is full of people whose lives have been changed by the love of God they discovered in Jesus Christ. We want to help you discover that love as well.

Living Generously

We believe that we are called to live generously. Generous living expresses the generosity of God and develops a godly lifestyle within us. When you have been touched by God’s love, you want to share it with others, just like the stories we want to share with you. You’ll find people of Faith Community Church pouring out their lives as they invest in others – giving their time, resources and energy to care for others. We are generous as individuals and collectively as a church, reaching out to the Metrowest and beyond with the love of Jesus as our guide.

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Watching Jesus do the Extraordinary

We have seen Jesus Christ do extraordinary things through people who love radically and live generously. Relationships have been restored. Supplies have been shipped to people in need throughout the world. Hundreds of children have been sponsored. People have emerged from addiction into wholeness. People have walked out of a worship service saying they have experienced God in a new way. As we live life following His love, Jesus promises to meet our needs and work within us & through us. We believe Jesus will do the extraordinary to advance his kingdom and bring glory to His Father & we are watching attentively for His work in our lives and the world around us.