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Fun at Faithkids

A place for kids to experience God’s love

The FAITHKIDS team partners with parents to guide children (newborn-5th grade) into living generously, loving radically, and watching Jesus do the extraordinary. We are deeply committed to communicating the truth of God’s love in an engaging and age-appropriate way to inspire children to become life-long followers of Jesus. 

Although we are not currently meeting in-person, age-appropriate content is sent to families weekly. If you are not receiving these updates right now & would like to be included, please contact us & we’ll be happy to add you in on the fun! Please follow our re-entry updates and subscribe to our newsletter to see when we will resume our in-person activities.

Pre-K & Elementary

We regularly send email updates and host Zoom meetings for kids. If you’d like to know more, please contact Angie for Framingham & Mattie for Hopkinton

What to Expect

First time here?

You’ll be warmly greeted by our welcome volunteers, and they’ll collect some basic information to help us understand how best to meet their needs. We’ll give you a tour and guide you to where you can drop off your child(ren). You will receive a security tag which is required for pick up. If for some reason your child needs you during the service, we have a paging system in the Worship Center that will illuminate your 3 digit security code.


Safety is our top priority at FAITHKIDS, because kids need to feel safe in order to learn. Each child is “checked in” by a parent or guardian who receives a security tag that matches each child checked in on that adult’s profile. At pickup, children are not released unless the adult can provide that security tag.

Each of our adult volunteers must go through an application process that consists of an interview with one of our team members, two references, and a state background check. We structure our morning so that adults serve in pairs.

In Hopkinton, our kids’ spaces are secured from 10 minutes into the service until ten minutes before service ends.

In Framingham, our entryway to FAITHKIDS spaces is monitored by volunteers. Adults must display their child’s security tag to a team member in order to enter this space during the service.


​We are all about having an enjoyable environment here at FAITHKIDS. We want to show these children that learning about Jesus is exciting and FUN! Our staff & volunteers work hard at creating a vibrant space for everyone and they focus their energy on making sure that engagement in learning is a fun time for them. With our weekly videos, awesome dance moves & songs, arts & crafts, and cool games each week – we are confident your child(ren) will leave Sunday morning excited to come back for more!

Creative Teaching

Every child learns differently. In FAITHKIDS we provide curriculum & sets of activities at different levels so that every child can thrive. Leaders in FAITHKIDS meet frequently to discuss and learn new ideas on how to engage with the kids and share the love of Jesus.

Additional Service


For children & students grades 4-8 who have made a genuine commitment to Christ and want to experience immersion baptism as the next step in their faith development.

Baby Dedication

Baby dedication & baptism is open to any family that regularly attends Faith Community Church.

Expecting Families

Is your family about to gain a member? Let us know!

Frequently asked Questions

What if I have a child with special needs?

Every child is welcome at FAITHKIDS. We partner with parents to provide the best experience for your child. Depending on the child’s needs we will assess what action to take. For those who need one-on-one attention out of a large group setting, our program “Faithfriends” pairs your child with a dedicated leader in a space designed with them in mind.

How will I know if my kids need me?

If for some reason your child needs you during the service, we have a paging system in the Worship Center that will illuminate your 3 digit security code. Report to the HUB or the FAITHKIDS welcome desk to be admitted to your child’s small group area. We have a policy of paging parents to change diapers and, in Framingham, we will page you to accompany your child to the restroom.

Do I need to bring snacks?

Snacks are offered in pre-k & under. If your child has any severe allergies, etc we ask that you inform their classroom leader and bring your own snacks.   

Can I attend FAITHKIDS with my child?

Yes! We ask that you inform the welcome desk before entering the classrooms with your child.

Interested in more information?

Get in contact with our FAITHKIDS Ministry Leaders



Director of Family MinistryAll


Associate Director of Family Ministry, FAITHKIDSHopkinton

Hopkinton Christian Preschool

Hopkinton Christian Preschool is a premier preschool providing a complete developmentally-appropriate program for children ages 2.9 to 6 years.

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