Our Values


Safety is our top priority at FAITHKIDS, because kids need to feel safe in order to learn. Each child is “checked in” by a parent or guardian who receives a security tag that matches each child checked in on that adult’s profile. At pickup, children are not released unless the adult can provide that security tag.


​We are all about having an enjoyable environment here at FAITHKIDS. Learning about Jesus is exciting and FUN! Our staff & volunteers work hard at creating a vibrant space for everyone and they focus their energy on making sure that engagement in learning is a fun time for them. With our weekly videos, awesome dance moves & songs, arts & crafts, and cool games each week – we are confident your child(ren) will leave Sunday morning excited to come back for more!

Creative Teaching

Every child learns differently. FAITHKIDS provides a curriculum and sets of activities from “Think Orange” at different levels so every child can
thrive. Leaders in FAITHKIDS meet frequently to discuss and learn new ideas on engaging with the kids and sharing the love of Jesus.

We believe in the partnership between families and the church.

Do you have a child in grades 6-12? Check out Elevate and let us know how else we can help.