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Questions About Faith


Your Questions Are Welcome Here

Wondering about God, Jesus, or the Bible? Perhaps you’re thinking about giving church another shot after being away for a while. If so, we’ve created an environment that we think you’ll really like. It’s called Starting Point and it is an 8-week conversational small group experience that is perfect for anyone who wants to explore faith, ask questions, and discover what God is all about.

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What Is Starting Point?

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A safe, no-pressure environment to explore, investigate, and discuss basic questions and issues of faith.
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Genuine Community

Participants can experience the beginnings of real community. After the group ends, many participants want to continue exploring faith together in other groups at Faith Community.
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Simple Conversations

Starting Point is primarily a conversational environment, not a teaching forum or a class on Christian theology. We strive to create an authentic sharing environment where nobody feels pressured or judged.

Who is Starting Point Designed For?


Those who are curious about God, Jesus, the Bible, or Christianity.


Those who are just getting to know Jesus Christ and want to learn more.


Those who have some church experience, but have been away for a while.

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