Kalina Cloutier 

Listen to Kalina’s journey on how she learned to look at volunteering from the perspective of the lives she could touch, not the time commitment.  

“I wouldn’t be able to make the connection I really wanted to with an every-other-week commitment.”

Rova Razafindrabe 

Our mission to live generously has brought us to the shores of Madagascar. Rova Razafindrabe, a member of Islands Mission who works alongside our church with the PEACE Plan, champions this mission. On her way to enter a lucrative job, Rova instead joined the mission’s team of translators and has helped us several times as we visited the island.

She continues her work there, helping them translate the bible into Malagasy and it’s dialects. 

Joe Vanderstelt

Generosity is not always a sacrifice. Joe learned that it could be a reward. In addition to being a CFO, husband, father and grandfather, Joe served as a K-1 Small Group Leader in Faith Kids.  

“Give some consideration to where your gifts or passions are and take the leap. You will not regret it.”

Taking Strides Together 

Faith Community Church had the chance to love the children that God has placed around us and show them how He cares for them. We had a Celebration Service titled Taking Strides Together to bring both campuses together at Walsh Middle School for a sneaker drive – collecting a total of 1045 sneakers for Framingham students.

Laurie Herndon

Laurie worked through the fear and insecurity of her call to serve and found the joy of generosity.  

“Those are the places where God is most present, in our weakness… Once I stepped out in service, it really became personal.”

Nathan Killian

Generosity is not a solo venture. The people we serve and serve with can grow and shape us. Nate’s story may open your eyes to the opportunities of serving.

“I really view my Faith Group as my family… By being a Faith Group host, I’m putting myself in a position to gather with people and talk about God.”

Are you ready to live generously & love radically?

At Faith Community Church, we have made it our mission to live generously & love radically. God has blessed each of us with different strengths and we want to use these strengths to serve in our community, in our country, and in our world. Some of us have been blessed with a talent or skill, others with financial success. However God has blessed you, we want to help you use that blessing to live generously.