GRO teams work to help people connect in relationships with groups and teams and grow in their faith.  The main volunteer roles are listed below.

  • Faith Group Host: Bring people together to build relationships, engage with the Bible, and put what they learn into practice.
  • SHAPE Guides: Help individuals find volunteer opportunities in the church that best match their God-given gifts, passions, abilities, and personality.
  • Agape Group Leaders: Helpers and Drivers provide a safe environment to share God’s love and introduce biblical concepts to adults with physical and/or developmental delays.
  • Group Leader Trainers: Use your professional training expertise to prepare & equip group leaders to serve.
  • Marriage Mentors: Married couples, of at least 8 years, who are trained and supported to come alongside another married couple in supportive and regularly scheduled meetings for a period of approximately 6-9 months. 

We would love to talk with you about joining our team. If you would like to find out about serving in one of the following capacities, please fill out the form below.